Feng shui wood bracelets – Lucky bracelets

Nowadays, Jewelry is an indispensable thing for us. With the use of beauty and decoration, besides, jewelry also has many spiritual meanings that bring luck, fortune, love, health and banish evil spirits. Not every bracelet can do that. Today, I will talk about the topic of feng shui bracelet, especially the wooden bracelets.

The feng shui wood bracelet is known as an item that makes human spiritual energy better or is considered a lucky charm. It is made from different types of wood, the more precious wood, the higher the quality, values, and price. Some woods are favored such as agarwood, mulberry wood, Cypress wood, Dragon bloodwood, and Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain wood. Choosing for yourself a feng shui bracelets is also critical, the essentials when choosing it are wood, your destiny, number of wood beads and also its size.

Today’s youth can also make these bracelets in a very simple way with the theories in the woodworking books for beginners or online videos.

Why are wood bracelets so popular?

While the other types of bracelets make consumers feel boring, this bracelet is never untrendy, it always creates an intense attraction that everyone has to love. Made from wood which is an extremely familiar material with us, and a clean and fresh natural resource. Moreover, the wood was developed and grown thanks to the accumulation of elite gas resources of heaven and earth, so the wooden bracelets created always contain extremely powerful energy and are extremely favorite feng shui bracelets.

Style of feng shui wood bracelets

The most popular designs are round bead bracelets, with beads from small to large sizes. Moreover, It can be combined with different beads that have other materials or other shapes. This thing will make the bracelet look more interesting. These wooden beads are made extremely delicate and eye-catching, round and polished wooden beads like the earth or the stars in the sky, bringing in the extremely powerful energy of the universe. Or you can combine the inscription on the particles with woodworking chisels. Next is another types of bracelets which have rectangular wood grain. With simple and elegant designs, these bracelets help to enhance the beauty of the users’ hands, not only that, but they also increase the spirituality for the wearer. Isn’t it great?

Common types of feng shui wood bracelets

“Feng shui improves destiny, all things are peaceful” or “First is destiny, Second is fate, Third is Feng shui” all mean feng shui which is important for the purpose of balancing energy to bring comedy harmony for life and to attract the prosperity as well as the resolution of conflict to make human destiny better.

1. Agarwood bracelets

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vòng gỗ trầm hương

Certainly, those who buy feng shui wood bracelets will not be able to ignore the wooden bracelet made from this Agarwood wood. It is considered the king of feng shui bracelets. Why?

It is the name that shows its beauty; it is the scent. Agarwood wood has an extremely mild, warm scent without losing the charm in it. It makes those who smell this smell feel more cleansed, brighter and more relaxed.

For those who love wooden furniture will know how good this wood is. This is a rare and precious wood, grown in harsh conditions, so its value and cost are high.

The use of this bracelet is to ward off evil spirits, resolve ominous as well as risks occurring in life and thereby bring luck, peace, and fortune to users. Not only that, the bracelet that is made from agarwood will bring good effect to the health of the wearer. Agarwood essential oil has the ability to avoid wind, protect user health, relax mind, bring comfort. Wearing Agarwood bracelets or having a habit of using Agarwood oil every day will give you good health, increasing resistance and reduce the frequency of sickness.

2. Cypress wood bracelets

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Cypress wood bracelet is just behind the scent of agarwood, and Cypress wood bracelet is also very popular with a sweet, mild aroma and rare wood material. On the contrary, the price is also very high. The featured of the Cypress wood are yellow and its oil, so it not only brings beauty but also brings a scent to the user. Especially this kind of wood has the oil that helps it never to be affected by termites.

This bracelet is really beautiful, with the oil inside the wood has created a very natural gloss for the wood grain, furthermore, when the bracelet is in an airtight room, it will create a layer of thin white snow on the surface of the wood grain. Looking extremely eye-catching, unique, that still has luxury features.

Cypress is revered as a holy wood that has the effect of avoiding demons. Wearing the Cypress wood bracelet also works to improve fortune, bring luck to wearers. Therefore, Cypress wood bracelets are always the first choice to choose as gifts for bosses, relatives, and friends.

3. Mulberry wood bracelets

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vòng gỗ dâu tằm

Mulberry wood bracelet is a bracelet that appeared a long time ago in Vietnam, since ancient times, our ancestors knew how to take the mulberry branch as a bracelet for babies and young children to help our family avoid the evil spirits, avoid startling and cry at night.

Making Mulberry wood bracelet looks simple but very difficult because after using the best hand saw for sawing branches, peeling, drying, the cutting of branches to pieces is very easy to broken. Branches have to choose is not too old or not young to do because the bracelet made from young branches will easily break whereas the old branches, broken when cutting the branches. For fresh mulberry stalks, the grandparents do not let the pregnant woman has just given birth touch it because it will lose milk of them.

Mulberry wood bracelet is also a meaningful gift on the occasion of a full month, baby birthday, giving to pregnant women with the meaning to wish peace and health.


These are the three popular feng shui bracelets I know, as well as their uses. A feng shui bracelet will help you feel more reassured and more comfortable when using it, so when you finish reading this article, please choose yourself a bracelet to wear. More than that is refreshing yourself if you haven’t worn feng shui bracelets ever.