Feng shui wood bracelets – Lucky bracelets

Nowadays, Jewelry is an indispensable thing for us. With the use of beauty and decoration, besides, jewelry also has many spiritual meanings that bring luck, fortune, love, health and banish evil spirits. Not every bracelet can do that. Today, I will talk about the topic of feng shui bracelet, especially the wooden bracelets.

The feng shui wood bracelet is known as an item that makes human spiritual energy better or is considered a lucky charm. It is made from different types of wood, the more precious wood, the higher the quality, values, and price. Some woods are favored such as agarwood, mulberry wood, Cypress wood, Dragon bloodwood, and Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain wood. Choosing for yourself a feng shui bracelets is also critical, the essentials when choosing it are wood, your destiny, number of wood beads and also its size.

Today’s youth can also make these bracelets in a very simple way with the theories in the woodworking books for beginners or online videos.

Why are wood bracelets so popular?

While the other types of bracelets make consumers feel boring, this bracelet is never untrendy, it always creates an intense attraction that everyone has to love. Made from wood which is an extremely familiar material with us, and a clean and fresh natural resource. Moreover, the wood was developed and grown thanks to the accumulation of elite gas resources of heaven and earth, so the wooden bracelets created always contain extremely powerful energy and are extremely favorite feng shui bracelets.

Style of feng shui wood bracelets

The most popular designs are round bead bracelets, with beads from small to large sizes. Moreover, It can be combined with different beads that have other materials or other shapes. This thing will make the bracelet look more interesting. These wooden beads are made extremely delicate and eye-catching, round and polished wooden beads like the earth or the stars in the sky, bringing in the extremely powerful energy of the universe. Or you can combine the inscription on the particles with woodworking chisels. Next is another types of bracelets which have rectangular wood grain. With simple and elegant designs, these bracelets help to enhance the beauty of the users’ hands, not only that, but they also increase the spirituality for the wearer. Isn’t it great?

Common types of feng shui wood bracelets

“Feng shui improves destiny, all things are peaceful” or “First is destiny, Second is fate, Third is Feng shui” all mean feng shui which is important for the purpose of balancing energy to bring comedy harmony for life and to attract the prosperity as well as the resolution of conflict to make human destiny better.

1. Agarwood bracelets

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vòng gỗ trầm hương

Certainly, those who buy feng shui wood bracelets will not be able to ignore the wooden bracelet made from this Agarwood wood. It is considered the king of feng shui bracelets. Why?

It is the name that shows its beauty; it is the scent. Agarwood wood has an extremely mild, warm scent without losing the charm in it. It makes those who smell this smell feel more cleansed, brighter and more relaxed.

For those who love wooden furniture will know how good this wood is. This is a rare and precious wood, grown in harsh conditions, so its value and cost are high.

The use of this bracelet is to ward off evil spirits, resolve ominous as well as risks occurring in life and thereby bring luck, peace, and fortune to users. Not only that, the bracelet that is made from agarwood will bring good effect to the health of the wearer. Agarwood essential oil has the ability to avoid wind, protect user health, relax mind, bring comfort. Wearing Agarwood bracelets or having a habit of using Agarwood oil every day will give you good health, increasing resistance and reduce the frequency of sickness.

2. Cypress wood bracelets

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Cypress wood bracelet is just behind the scent of agarwood, and Cypress wood bracelet is also very popular with a sweet, mild aroma and rare wood material. On the contrary, the price is also very high. The featured of the Cypress wood are yellow and its oil, so it not only brings beauty but also brings a scent to the user. Especially this kind of wood has the oil that helps it never to be affected by termites.

This bracelet is really beautiful, with the oil inside the wood has created a very natural gloss for the wood grain, furthermore, when the bracelet is in an airtight room, it will create a layer of thin white snow on the surface of the wood grain. Looking extremely eye-catching, unique, that still has luxury features.

Cypress is revered as a holy wood that has the effect of avoiding demons. Wearing the Cypress wood bracelet also works to improve fortune, bring luck to wearers. Therefore, Cypress wood bracelets are always the first choice to choose as gifts for bosses, relatives, and friends.

3. Mulberry wood bracelets

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vòng gỗ dâu tằm

Mulberry wood bracelet is a bracelet that appeared a long time ago in Vietnam, since ancient times, our ancestors knew how to take the mulberry branch as a bracelet for babies and young children to help our family avoid the evil spirits, avoid startling and cry at night.

Making Mulberry wood bracelet looks simple but very difficult because after using the best hand saw for sawing branches, peeling, drying, the cutting of branches to pieces is very easy to broken. Branches have to choose is not too old or not young to do because the bracelet made from young branches will easily break whereas the old branches, broken when cutting the branches. For fresh mulberry stalks, the grandparents do not let the pregnant woman has just given birth touch it because it will lose milk of them.

Mulberry wood bracelet is also a meaningful gift on the occasion of a full month, baby birthday, giving to pregnant women with the meaning to wish peace and health.


These are the three popular feng shui bracelets I know, as well as their uses. A feng shui bracelet will help you feel more reassured and more comfortable when using it, so when you finish reading this article, please choose yourself a bracelet to wear. More than that is refreshing yourself if you haven’t worn feng shui bracelets ever.

Wooden clogs

Over thousands of development years, human life has been more and more advanced in a modern way. From clothes, bags, jewelry to shoes, in that footwear is an accessory that is indispensable in people’s daily life. Since ancient times, our ancestors have created sandals to walk by dry grass, then wood, and then plastic. With the use of protecting the feed and keeping the feet clean, the shoes are a decoration, a beauty item of human beings. Today I will take you to the world of wooden clogs, one of the oldest products, bringing many memories for previous generations. Moreover, this is an extraordinarily unique and eye-catching product.

What is the wooden clogs?

The wooden clog is an item for the feet that are used to protect and beautify the legs during human ambulatory. Clogs are made from wood, with the straps are made of leather or rubber or plastic. Wooden clogs have many different designs, for example, low clogs, high-heeled clogs, and pointed clogs. In this article, I will introduce you to 2 world famous wooden clogs that are Japanese wooden clogs and Dutch wooden clogs.

Japanese wooden clogs

Kết quả hình ảnh cho guốc geta

Japanese wooden clogs are widely known in the world through TV series, news and exceptional culture of this country. It is also called Geta. Geta is a traditional Japanese wooden clog, similar to flip-flops but with higher soles. Geta is used in conjunction with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono or yukata, or with casual clothes during the summer months. Along with cherry blossoms and Kimono shirts, Geta wooden clogs have become an indispensable part of the land of the rising sun.

At about 2000 years ago, during the Yayoi period, the first people to create the clogs Geta appeared in rural areas of Yamatai. The clogs of that time were made very simply. Only from large pieces of planks, which were cut out by the best hand saw and then created the holes for the straps, and the last step is closed the teeth for Geta, the result was beautiful wooden clogs. For the purpose of avoiding the foot from subsiding into the mud when transplanting rice, these clogs also help mark the places where fertilizer has been applied, note that this clogs not suit for the winter season especially when snowing. Through the next 3 periods, the Nara, Edo, and Meiji periods, the Geta wooden clogs developed actively and exploded in the Meiji period with the superior colors, designs, and materials.

Geta clogs have an exciting characteristic, which is the sound when using these clogs. Unlike the sound of other clogs, plastic clogs now, Geta emits a lively sound “Karakoro, Karakoro,” this sound that makes you remember and cannot forget, it will imprint on the memory of the users and who hear this sound. It is also an interesting sound for me and an experience when I get on this Japanese Geta foot.

You will not be able to ignore these clogs when going to a Japanese festival or traveling to this country. Try wearing these kimono and clogs; it will make you look as elegant and gentle as Japanese women or strong but not lose the elegance of a gentleman.

Dutch wooden clogs

Kết quả hình ảnh cho guốc hà lan

If you are a traveling person, have a hobby to visit the countries in the world, surely you have also known a charming souvenir in the Dutch, right? That’s right, that’s the Dutch wooden shoe. It will be a waste if you don’t go to try this pair of shoes if you come to the Netherlands.

Unlike Geta, Dutch wooden clogs have an exceptional style; according to my perspective, you can imagine a clog like a small water bucket, it will not be wonderful compared. But I assure you, this clog will protect your feet and it helps to keep the warmth extremely good and helps your feet from getting wet.

The process of producing a pair of Dutch wooden clogs is extremely complex; it requires a good skill because otherwise, it can cause a footsore when used. The first clogs are produced from the hands of farmers. To prevent their feet from being affected by the cold weather and wet ground, they took a large piece of wood, using woodworking chisels to chisel and sharpen a full section in the middle, and finally grind the head of the clogs, which look like the boat’s nose. Moreover, they add straw in the body of clogs, so when used, it will feel softer and warmer. Types of wood are often chosen for clogs such as birch wood, willow, ash.

Until now the Clogs style has been much more diversified, along with colors and patterns. These Clogs are increasingly popular and sympathetic to tourists as well as indigenous people here. At festivals in the Netherlands, you will encounter these Clogs in traditional dances like Klompedanskunt. The dancers will use clogs to create fun dances and sounds by tapping the nose and shoe soles on the wooden floor. These shoes also have a very romantic meaning in love and marriage. It will be an engagement believer when the man wants to propose to his lover. In some weddings, the bride and groom also gave wooden shoes to those who attended. Today, Dutch wooden shoes are still on sale, becoming an indispensable gift for every visitor to visit and want to keep a little memory of the country of beautiful windmills and tulips.


Wooden clogs bring a pure feeling along with a lively sound that creates a distinct traditional culture, although now wooden clogs are no longer as popular as before, but for those who love wooden furniture as me who like to learn as well as feeling these shoes on the feet. According to the best woodworking books for beginners, I think my own hands can make a simple Geta shoe. No need to be too fussy about tools just ready to perform, you and I will create a beautiful pair of Geta clogs. Why not? Do you want to try it with me? Let’s start right now ^^



Surely, everyone who loves horror movies knows very well about puppets. They are one of those having no life things. But through humans, it carries the same form and soul as a real person. These puppets appear not only in horror movies or cartoons but also in real-life entertainment. The puppet has the skeleton of the famous comedian Jeff Dunham or puppet shows, including the water puppet, which is one of the popular cultures in Vietnam. Besides, wooden puppets are also a favorite ornament and toy.

The origin of the puppet

It can be said that the origin of the puppet was a long time ago when the appearance of the puppet was found in India in ancient excavations in the Indus valley.
According to ancient records, the art of puppet-showing appeared in Tamil literature in the 2nd century BC. Meanwhile, Greek is also known for this art thousands of years ago. It is found in Herodotus’ document, which was written in the 5th century BC.

Common types of puppets

The shadow-puppet

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The shadow-puppet are also called wayang. Wayang appears in Indonesia on Java Island. As a beautiful country surrounded by the sea, Indonesia is where I studied for 5 months. On that occasion, I have enjoyed a shadow puppet show in this country. Wayang Kulit is the first show about puppet shadow I saw; it is also the most famous puppet genre in Indonesia. One can say that the belief of pure theory forms wayang Kulit, Indonesian people believe that ancestral spirits can affect the lives of living beings, such as protection or intimidation, and they often return at night under the form of shadows. Artisans here will conduct rituals in the form of puppetry to call for their ancestors to help. The puppets carry the soul, will be dancing, flying, walking, fighting to gain victory, suffering, and love behind a thin curtain where shadows appear. Along with that are the sound, the light and the stories presented in the stage.

These puppets are made of leather poddy or buffalo skin. In a puppet set, there are about 100 to 500 puppets, the height of puppets ranges from 10 to 30 inches (25-75 cm). The puppet makers use patterns to sketch lines and draw elements on the skin, then cut the body of the puppet and after that left the pieces of the arm separately. Its features are chiseled with the best woodworking chisel tools. It will take weeks to complete a beautiful puppet. They are followed by painting and polishing. According to folk beliefs in Indonesia, puppets themselves only show the physical part of the character while the critical pattern is its shadow which represents the soul.

Water puppetry

Kết quả hình ảnh cho múa rối

Water puppetry is an extremely famous cultural art in Vietnam. It was born based on wet rice culture. Water puppetry is a unique art form of Vietnam, and it impressed dramatically to me. I have watched a water puppet show at the central puppet theater in Hanoi. It was a different side with the shadow-puppetry that I have seen in Indonesia. I can see all the characteristic of puppet, not just the shadow, and the form of puppet-like Wayang.

It is fascinating to me when puppets appeared on the surface of the water. Moreover, the stage is set up like a temple in Vietnam, surrounded by flags, fans, elephants, parasols, gates. Behind it is a backdrop, which is also called a Y Môn plate. The light was shining straight into the water for a sparkling effect of water ripples, which looked very beautiful and lively with the sound, drums, auxiliary artillery. Water puppetry was born more than 10 centuries ago in the Red River delta. This type usually takes place on holidays, village festivals, happy days and Tet holidays and It is very much expected by people

The wood Fig tree is a raw material for making a puppet, light wood and floating on the water. The Puppet is chiseled, cut to create stylized contours, then sharpen, polish and decorate with various paint colors to add character lines to each character. The shape of the puppet is usually fresh, funny, cute and highly symbolic. The tangled body is the floating part of the water that represents the character, and the base is the part below the surface of the mangrove water as a kind of level for puppets. It will keep the puppet floating above, and it is the place to control the machine for the puppet movement.

Water puppets in Vietnam often show stories in history, heroic battles of the Vietnamese nation, stories famous as Tam Cam and Thach Sanh.


Hình ảnh có liên quan

Marionette can be said to be the most widely known puppet in the world. From an early age, I knew this kind of puppet through a Pinocchio movie, this is a famous animated film about a boy in the shape of a wooden puppet, and it is my favorite movie when my TV screen is still black and white.

A marionette is a puppet controlled from above-using wires or strings. A marionette’s puppeteer is called a marionettist. The control bar for a marionette can be horizontal or vertical, it will change later for the professional marionettes to work comfortably, the motifs must be sculpted subtly with the best wood chisels. Therefore, the formation of a puppet is very complicated. The coupling between parts must be firmly designed and the smoothness of movement. Moreover, puppet makers have to calculate carefully and skillfully to control puppets better.

Marionettist is a prevalent genre in eastern Europe (UK, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Picardy, Lafleur, and the US) in the BC century.

The puppet’s most natural way of recognizing it is that it is made of wood and has wires connected to the parts of the puppet. In shape like humans, they can walk and move between elements such as legs, arms, hips, feet, hands, neck, eyes and mouth. That’s why these puppets are favorite and known all over the world


A puppet is an inanimate object, but it creates a strong impression of its shape and expression, an object that is represented for humans.

“Christ the Lord” Feature Film

Anne Rice’s Bestselling Novel “CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt” To Be Made Into A Feature Film Produced By Good News Holdings

Los Angeles, Ca. ­June 29, 2006 – Anne Rice’s acclaimed bestselling novel “CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt” will soon become a major motion picture to be produced by Los Angeles- based Good News Holdings, a multimedia studio specializing in the development and distribution of faith-based media.

The feature film deal was announced today by George Barna, Chairman of Good News Holdings. The novel, which was released in October of 2005, was Belief.net’s book of the year for 2005 and spent 13 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Good News is presently in discussions with distributors for the motion picture with an intended Christmas 2007 release.

“CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt” is the story of Jesus Christ at age seven as he and his family depart Egypt to return home to Nazareth. Told from his childhood perspective, the novel movingly celebrates the character and strength of the young Jesus as he grows into his religious identity. Its many highlights include Jesus coming to terms with the circumstances of His birth in Bethlehem and his growing realization of his calling. Set in a turbulent era against the backdrop of the Roman occupation, the story brings to life the day to day life of Second Temple Judaism from the beauty of worship in the largest temple of the ancient world to the regular prayers and readings of Jewish family life, Rice’s research included the latest publications in archaeology, geography and social history, as well as intense biblical study.

One of the most popular writers of the 20th Century, Anne Rice’s books have sold over 85 million books to date. She drew widespread attention in 1998 when she returned to her Christian faith.

“We will be faithful to Anne’s vision,” said George Barna of Good News. “CHRIST THE LORD” is a transcendent work. Millions of readers have already found the book to be a riveting journey. The film will appeal to Christians because of its familiar yet powerful and revealing story, as well as non-believers, who will be fascinated to experience the emergence of one of the world’s most extraordinary figures. Anne’s narrative presents a fresh and captivating perspective on the greatest story ever told.”

Good News Holdings is a privately held multimedia company based in Los Angeles, California. The organization was founded in December 2005 by entertainment industry veterans Christopher Chisholm, Martha Cotton , David Kirkpatrick, Silicon Valley executive Rich Christopher, bestselling author and renowned researcher George Barna, and former Barna Group business partner Thom Black. Good News currently delivers Christian content through mobile phones via its cellular division, FaithMobile.

The “Christ The Lord” deal was brokered by Creative Artists Agency in conjunction with Janklow Nesbit & Associates. Alfred A Knopf is the hardback publisher. Ballantine will publish the novel in paperback this fall.